We have a good selection of carp, sea, spinning and fly rods. We also have whips and poles from 3 to 11m.  Only a few are displayed on this site.

This is a brilliant Spod rod from NGT. We also have Marker and Spod rods from other suppliers including Q-DOS and Grandeslam.
This is the Rovex Destiny 3.5lb test curve rod that is one of our best sellers. We have many other carp including stalking and travel rods.
The Attura is a very good fly rod. we also have Fly rods from Rovex, Shakespere, NGT and Fladen. We also have travel Fly rods.
This is the Fladen Charter Beachcaster. We also have a range of beachcasters and pier rods from suppliers that include Fladen, NGT and Rovex.
This is the Ron Thompsom Zeno-flex Float rod. We also have float rods from Fladen, NGT, WSB, Jarvis Walker and Rovex.
We have a range of telescopic rods from suppliers including Jarvis Walker, Lineaffe and Fladen.
We have a range of feeder rods. This is the popular Rovex John Wilson Avon Quiver Fishing Rods features quality line guides, comfortable cork handles and versatility to improve performance and success at every turn. It comes with two separate tops; an Avon top and a quiver top with three different push-in quivers at 1.5oz, 2oz and 2.5oz. It features quality line guides, comfortable cork handles and versatility to improve performance.
We have several spinning rods from Shakespere, Jarwis Walker, Dennetts, NGT and Fladen. This is the Cortland Desire is a wonderful light spinning rod with excellent looks and performance. It features genuine Fuji reel seats which are arguably the toughest, best designed reel seats in the world. Cork handles and extended foregrip make the Cortland Desire a joy to fish with.
We also stock Pink carp, float, sea and spinning rods and reels for our ladies.