We have nearly sixty reels in stock to cater for the novice and experienced fishermen. Our suppliers include Fladen, Shimano, Tokushima, Dennetts, Lineaffe, Okuma, NGT, Rovex, Jarvis Walker and Shakespere.

We have several light spinning reels from Okuma, Fladen, Rovex and others.

We also have a number of larger and more powerful spinning reels to handle largee carp, bream and pike
This is the jarwis Walker Scorpion baitcaster reel. We also have others from Grandeslam, fladen and rovex.

These are the Fladen Chieftain and Large Arbour fly reels. We also have reels from Jarwis Walker and Lineaffe.
We have multiplier reels from Rovex, Fladen, Lineaffe, Grandeslam and NGT.