Groundbait, additives & particle baits

We have  3kg and 1kg tubs of particle baits,  tins of hemp, tiger nut  and flavored sweetcorn  from Dynamite, and Crafty Catcher and bags of whole or crushed hemp from Copdock Mill.

We have tubs and bags of particle baits that includes spod mix, natural hemp, hemp with garlic, maize, maize & hemp, particle mix and so on

We have flavorings, Glugs and additives from suppliers such as Marukyu, Mainline, NGT, Crafty Catcher and Dynamite.

We have PVA string, Tape, Tubes and bags in various sizes.

We have a good variety of groundbait and method mixes from a number of suppliers including Fladen, Copdock Angling, Sensas, Dynamite and NGT.