hooks & hair rigs

We really have a good selection of hooks and hair rigs of very good quality and really affordable prices. The sea rigs are so reasonably priced that you will struggle to make them cheaper if you buy the individual components. However, for those who like making their own we sell all the bits.

These packs of Chod rigs are excellent. Available in barbed and barbless.
We have one and two treble hook pike traces in varied sizes.
We have a range of Preston hooks from size 10 to 26.
We have a huge selection of sea hooks and rigs mainly from Fladen and Tsunami.
We have variety of treble hooks from size 14 to 2/0. have
We have a range of match, carp, sea hooks and hooks to nylon from Kamasan, Fladen, Dennetts, Dinsmore, Midi, NGT, Gotcha, Q-dos, Tsaunami and others.
We have packs of barbed and barbless hair rigs. We also have single Chod, Hair and Helicopter rigs.